These days it is very easy for a dog-person to consider themselves a Dog Trainer, and even market themselves as one. Ensure you research your trainer’s credentials and hire a  Certified Professional when dealing with behaviour modification or dog training support.

See below a description of Annika’s dog training credentials as well as memberships.

Dogma Apprenticeship Program
18 month comprehensive apprenticeship program located in Calgary, Alberta. From understanding puppy foundations to complex behaviour modification & management - this is a well rounded and highly respected program unlike any other in Canada. 

CPDT-KA - Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers
Canadian governing body of Professional Dog Trainers. All certified members are required to pass a science based examination & must participate in continuing education annually in order to keep the designation.

KPA-CTP - Karen Pryor Academy
One of the founding and most internationally recognized Dog Training educational programs in the world. People who hold this designation have demonstrated excellent technical knowledge and training skills.

APDT - Association of Professional Dog a Trainers
A Professional and internationally recognized organization of Dog Trainers committed to practicing evidence based training methods.

CTC - The Academy For Dog Trainers
Currently attending the Harvard of the Dog Training education system. This is a science heavy two year program aiming to produce the worlds most effective & educated dog trainers.