Family Pet

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Co-Parent Family Glue Pet Therapist Silent Witness Forgiving Ally

You don't NEED a dog. The kids do. And that magical puppy united the family, and now you've been left to train him. But he's causing chaos: eating garbage, stealing dinner, bolting on walks, and chewing through your couch, And at the end of the day, everyone just riles him up. Because, they love him.  You’re short on time and need help… now. That’s where we come in.

You really want to love him too. And soon.



2 sessions


Initial Consult

1 Coaching Session

Training Plan


4 sessions


Initial Consult

3 Coaching Sessions

Training plan

Individualized homework


Evening and weekend availability


6 sessions


Initial Consult

Custom Homework

2 Sessions/Month for 3 months


Unlimited Email and Phone Support

Free Video Access

Text Support

Evening and weekend availability

Priority booking

*Initial consult required to determine suitability.
*All sessions are one hour and occur in your home/hood.
*Additional sessions can be added to any package as needed for $150.
*20 minute phone meetings can be added to any package for additional fees.