Industry Friends

Pet Photography

Cindy Hughes, of Muddy Love Pet Photography is gifted in her craft. Her approach to “Capturing The Moment” is both beautiful and honest. She is a silent witness to you and your pet’s connection and captures it with ease on camera. Her ability to calm even the most sensitive of animals is truly beautiful to observe.

Dog Walking Companies

Release The HoundsThe Pet Shop BoysWei With TailsYaletown Puppy LoveSquirrel Dog Walking & Mark’s Petcare are all stand out businesses. With a saturated market and one too many options, finding the right match for your pet can be a challenge. This tribe of professionals will treat your pup like their very own and go above & beyond your expectations of care. 

Dog Daycare Facilities

The Pet Shop Boys &  Dogplay Daycare are both exceptional in their understanding of canine behavior and are committed to force-free handling methods. They put your dog’s well-being first by prioritizing education & staff training above high enrollment numbers and simply marketing that your dog will have fun, fun, fun. Daycare facilities can be a helpful energy outlet for some dogs, but certainly not all dogs. Ensure the daycare you choose has on-site staff that are educated in canine communication and body language as well as group play that is supervised at all times. These two daycares certainly do not disappoint.


Boarding Facilities

Jet Pet Resort has a variety of unique boarding facility options. They have invested heavily in the well being of their guests by providing daily enrichment, mental stimulation, aromatherapy & even designed their entire facility “through a dog’s eyes”. Going away on vacation can be tough to manage when you have a four legged friend to worry about. In-home boarding in Vancouver books up quickly, and what a relief it is to find a local boarding facility that truly has your pet’s best interest at heart.