We train you to train your dog...  on your turf and your time. You’re committed, so, so are we. We specialize in helping you with the following behaviours:

  • Leash pulling/biting

  • Jumping

  • General In-Home Chaos (we get it)

  • Puppy Manners

  • Puppy Life Skills

  • Barking (of all kinds)

  • Recall Concerns (yes, even Huskies)

  • Mild-Moderate Separation Anxiety

  • Human Reactivity & Aggression

  • Generalized Reactivity

  • Dog Reactivity & Aggression

  • Resource Guarding

  • Bringing Home a Rescue

  • Choosing a Puppy



2 sessions


Initial Consult

1 Coaching Session

Training Plan


4 sessions


Initial Consult

3 Coaching Sessions

Training plan

Individualized homework


Evening and weekend availability


6 sessions


Initial Consult

Custom Homework

2 Sessions/Month for 3 months


Unlimited Email and Phone Support

Free Video Access

Text Support

Evening and weekend availability

Priority booking

*Initial consult required to determine suitability.
*All sessions are one hour and occur in your home/hood.
*Additional sessions can be added to any package as needed for $150.
*20 minutes phone meetings can be added to any package for additional fees.