Training Methods

We are extremely passionate about only using the most ethical, non-intrusive, science-supported and up-to-date training methods. We use positive reinforcement methods which means utilizing food, toys, praise and life-rewards to reinforce appropriate behaviour (and yes, it works on people too). 

Ultimately, this type of training is about helping your dog learn that certain behaviours = good things for them! By rewarding behaviours we like, while ignoring/interrupting/redirecting behaviours that we do not like, the negative behaviours will dissipate & the good behaviours will happen more often.

With Positive Reinforcement training, there’s no need to physically handle a dog in any particular manner in order to gain respect. Rather, we’ll work with you to develop a strong relationship built on trust, commitment, boundaries and consistency to attain the results you are looking for.

Our job is to isolate unwanted behaviours and teach you how to prevent them from continuing through increased management, new training protocols, and/or simply educating you on changing your own reactions to behaviour concerns.